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Joma Sipe was born in Portugal in August, 1974. He is a civil engineer and a self-taught artist who started painting inspired by the esoteric and mystical traditions that he started to learn about when he was still a teenager, such as Theosophy, the Kabbalah, Buddhism, sacred mandalas and the Zodiac. His style has changed along with his inner transformations, and today he combines the work on paper or canvas with ink and crystals with digital effects to add colour and light on the photographs of the paintings. In this interview with PsicoCymática, Joma speaks of the impact of those first esoteric readings, about the themes and archetypes that nourish his work and he describes his creative process.

In the article "Describing the work", you mention H. P. Blavatsky's books as one of the first mind blowing readings after a time of existential restlessness, and you have also been photographed painting next to a portrait of her. Which were the ideas of her books that expanded meaning and opened paths for you at that time?

H. P. Blavatsky was one of the persons and writers on esoteric and mystical themes that intrigued me most, and I began to know more about deep esoteric knowledge for the very first time on many of her books. She not only made a summary of most of the mystical and esoteric teachings from all ages, but also added her own personal commentaries to those mystical texts and compared religions and wisdom. So, for me, that connection with her work was very important because there I could find almost everything that had already been spoken or written of regarding the occult or esoteric wisdom. She also made a bridge between many kinds of writings belonging to the East and West, making many comparisons between these two. In my opinion, and regarding my work, she is still an inspiration: not only do I "drink" from her writings and own wisdom, but she also inspires me to create and to be connected with the Source of All that Exists in the Universe. She continues to be a profound teacher for me.

Which subjects and archetypes nurture your imagination and work today? Are you fond of astrological language?

Yes, astrological language and symbolism are quite interesting to me, because it is on that symbolism that many of the other symbolic languages of the Universe takes inspiration from. I use many of the known symbols present in nature to inspire my drawings, like the Flower of Life, the Fibonacci Sequence, the Triangles, Pentacles and other forms that nature uses to create its own forms. When we see plants and flowers that are created using this very same Sacred Geometry, we understand that the entire Universe, both microcosm and macrocosm, uses the same Light Language to create. I also take inspiration from the astrological connected ancient symbols like the Shri Yantra, Metatron and the Merkabah. Astronomical events related with astrological archetypes inhabit and are immersed in huge symbolism. When we gaze at stars and constellations and see the drawings made upon the sky, we can feel that these same symbols exist somehow inside each of us. It is the microcosmic universe emerging on the microscopic molecules and particles that form our entire human system. The designs of the astronomical stars and of our own blood and cellules are not disconnected, they are made of the same stellar matter, and therefore ruled by the same laws and connections.  

Heaven in a Wild Flower


Which ways of access to the visionary state do you practice and how do they affect your work and daily life?

Athough I have made acquaintance with Reiki, meditation, concentration and Yoga techniques, as well as many other practices regarding the self development of the human being, I really don't do any specific practice today. I usually just sit in front of the black primordial base and the images simply come and make their appearance on the physical paper or canvas. Sometimes I have a specific subject I concentrate on, and then I let my hand and mind run free, without any boundaries of time or preconcept learned knowledge. The visionary state is the same for all of us. As someone has said, we can be compared to lamps, because we have quite similar physical bodies, even the "electrical current" that passes through our "lamps" is the same, the difference is made inside the lamp, and the intensity with wich each lamp shines is what is different. That only comes with self acceptance of how we are and how we have been created by the Universe; the only major "mission" that we have is being ourselves and not trying to be someone else. Selfaceptance, renouncement and obedience to the Will of the Universe is all that is needed these days. From that we can connect to the Source of All that Exists, that already inhabits inside of us and from which we are part. That Source knows it all and makes Miracles inside ourselves and around us.

Mandalas III

Interview by Florencia Parodi | May 2021

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